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Introducing 'Bike Rack Locator' App

Ever felt like to do a bike day out but not sure where to park your bike when you reach your destination or while you are stopping along your way?


We at love to cycle around the city and we are very excited to launch our 'Bike Rack Locator' app project on the App Store to help bike commuters to locate a nearby designated bike parking location. 


'Bike Rack Locator' app is designed where cyclist is able to:

• Locate Bike Racks Nearby - by easily tapping "Near Me' button to allow the app to detect their current location.

• Search Bike Racks around the destination address - by entering the destination address into the 'Search' bar.

• Post a Bike Rack location - by simply tapping "Add BikeRack' button to launch the device's camera. Photograph and its bike rack location will be posted automatically.


The number of bicycle racks locations mapped in 'Bike Rack Locator' App continues to grow. Check the most current covered areas to see if the racks have  been mapped.

Bike Rack Locator App is well used in any cities in the world and we encourage all bike commuters to adopt this FREE App and posting bike rack locations in their area for their community benefits.


We welcome your idea and feedback to make this app more fun and useful for cycle commuters communities.


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